Evolution of a business logo and web hosts

My business officially took off as my sole enterprise in the UK back in the end of March 2016. However the journey of publicly documenting my photography online has been going on for many years!

Today I made a new minor change to my company logo, it’s now white and blue, representing the country where I now reside. It’s been a number of different colours and shades in the years since I started DRWPhoto.com. So I decided to look back and recall some of the designs. The DRWPhoto.com domain was first registered in 2001. I then set myself to create a website from scratch (i.e. I coded everything by hand), and this was the logo:

thats right, there were five – because I’d written my website with text translated in 5 different languages (I also asked native speakers to review it for accuracy, because Google Translate wasn’t trustworthy at that point). After adding over a hundred mostly scanned images, the task of adding more got to be more work than it was worth (each image requiring me to copy/recode 3 pages). I tried converting the website to use Apple’s iWeb, but that didn’t handle things much better either, so it was updated sporadically for some time.

The primary theme of the logo was the connection of old and new – modern block letters and old fashioned type. The block letters were squished together because during that time, that was a common theme for newspaper titles such as the local Minneapolis St. Paul Star Tribune. I don’t remember the original typefaces, but the intent was to use some variation of Helvetica and Times New Roman.

At some point during 2007, during my years at Capella University, I was required to purchase Adobe’s Creative Suite CS3. The version I purchased included Illustrator, so I practiced recreating my logo as a vector graphic (instead of a bitmap). This was useful because this enabled me to resize the logo to fit anything I needed – beyond the scope of a website.

For the first iteration, I added a rainbow theme to the Photo half (because I’d just learned how to use layers in photoshop to knock out text, so I thought it looked different!). You can see the text is a bit shorter (making the D a bit squished) and the h and t are more defined:
At this point, I was using Adobe’s Dreamweaver to create a website. But again, it quickly became unwieldily to maintain. During 2009, I discovered SmugMug as a host devoted to Photography websites, and I’ve stuck with them ever since. There’s been a few site redesigns, and there’s been a few different colours:
DRWPhotoLogo DRWPhotoLogoBBDRWPhotoLogoGR DRWPhotoLogoBlue DRWPhotoLogoINV
So that denotes being in the USA, going back to old colours (after 10 years online – around 2012), moving back to the UK (England) in 2013, different blue, then a grey/offwhite to denote a major website design update in 2015. To remember the events in France, the logo was briefly updated to reflect the French Tricolore.

Today, living in Scotland, here’s the latest update, which includes changing the square dot (which has long since bothered me) into a blue dash:
DRWPhotoLogoINV3 (1)
It looks sharper, and I love the colours 🙂

So if you’re looking for a way to host your photographs, with built in capability to sell your images, I can highly recommend using SmugMug – it’s certainly better than what I’ve done before. Here’s a link below:


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